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What Is Streambank Stabilization?

Streambank stabilization implements erosion control methods to maintain the banks of streams and rivers. This erosion is caused by water current and constant change of water levels. Streambank stabilization aims to prevent erosion and maintain the overall health of the stream or river as well as surrounding areas. The experienced team at Porter Dirt & Demo is well versed in waterway erosion control and can provide solutions for your residential and commercial properties in Missouri and Arkansas.

Excavating  a river bank

Streambank Stabilization Services

Porter Dirt & Demo offers streambank stabilization throughout Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri using several effective techniques. Our highly skilled team will inspect the waterway and implement the best erosion control solution for your specific needs and budget. From the type of rock, to stairs, elevated platforms, handrails, lighting, filter fabric, and boat launches, we can provide reliable and successful results. Not only do we prioritize strengthening the bank of the river or stream, but we also work to maintain the overall health of the waterway and neighboring property. For more information or to receive a free quote, contact Porter Dirt & Demo today!

WHAT OUR customers SAY

“Payton and the crew did an excellent job and we’re able to get me worked in and done very quickly! Couldn’t be happier.”

Kaden Frickle

“Great people, great service. Hard working people 100% call them for dirt work or landscaping.”

Hunter Dismore