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Safe And Stable Foundations

Porter Dirt & Demo works with landowners and developers to create safe and stable building foundations for new construction projects. We offer building foundation construction for both residential and commercial properties throughout Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri. Our experienced team implements industry-leading equipment and instrumentation to create a suitable foundation for homes and commercial buildings. Contact us today to get started!

bobcat next to a newly install building pad for home construction

How It Works

For pads we start by removing all organic material off the location until left with a suitable subsoil material. Unless engineered differently, we will decide based on drainage, preference, building features, and type of material on our cut and fill. For select fill we will haul in red clay at proper moisture and compact with a padfoot roller in 6-8” lifts. Depending on builder preference we generally do a 5’ at-grade overbuild on all sides. Entire pad shall be +\- a 1/10th. Slopes will be “mow-able” and at least a 3:1. We generally save the initial scraped organic material to be put back on clay slopes to quickly tie into surrounding landscape during construction. Based on concrete contractor and type of foundation we generally prep the pad with 3/4” base at grade. Pads will be designed to drain water away from the structure and swales, berms, and other drainage may be added if needed.

WHAT OUR customers SAY

“Excellent service went above and beyond. Cleared our land for our house pad, put in our driveway, and came back multiple times to help with other jobs. All at a very reasonable price!! We will continue to use them in the future. Thanks, guys for a job well done!!!”

Lindsey Brown

“Did a wonderful job on 3 RV pads. Was very prompt on time and did what they said they was going to do. Very good work skills. Great guys.”

Bryan Wimsatt